Zana Everett

Zana Everett: George Jones Scholarship 2016

Congratulations to Zana Everett selected for the 2016 George Jones Scholarship. 

Birthplace: Fort St.John, British Columbia
Favourite memory growing up: Playing dress-up with my two siblings
Position played: Centre
First year playing rugby: Grade 9, when I was 14 years old
Favourite Coach: Jacob Swarbrick and Colette McAuley
Most influential person in life: My parents
Favourite rugby memory: Playing for U20 Canada this summer
Worst rugby memory: Losing to McMaster in the O.U.A finals last year
Favourite movie: The Pink Panther (with Peter Sellers)
Favourite musician: Beyonce
Favourite book: The Redwall Series
Career plans: Becoming a primatologist to study and rehabilitate monkeys
Rugby goals in next 2 years: Be a contributing member of the Guelph University rugby team, and help win O.U.A’s and C.I.S
Favourite other hobbies: Anything outdoors, hiking and walking my dogs

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