Monty Heald Senior Women’s Fund

The Monty Heald Fund is in support of Rugby Canada’s Senior Women’s XV program.

With the help of generous donors like you, the Fund has been a great success. Together we make it feasible for the players to concentrate on their training and preparations without having to worry about also paying to play.

Our Senior Women’s National program had an amazing 2022 and the team’s cohesiveness and desire were on full display during the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand. While disappointed in a fourth-place finish, they were the talk of the tournament for their grit and tenacity throughout. The team had great success in part due the funding supplied by the Monty Heald Fund which enabled added training days and supported team soft centralization. (Approximately $100,000.) Rugby Canada did also supply more funding this year than ever before, but with only so much capacity to draw from, our MONTY HEALD FUND must continue to raise money to ensure a robust program for our women.

Rest assured that 100% of your donation goes directly to support the Senior Women’s XVs team and is dispersed through the Canadian Rugby Foundation.

Our team does not want to lose the momentum we have coming off the World Cup and numerous fixtures and camps are already being set for 2023. Up to 10 tests are forecasted at this time and plans include up to 4 matches on home soil. We look forward to the opportunity to compete in the PAC4 tournament again and the exciting launch of the Global WXV Competition!

Thank you in advance for your support!

Recent Results

2022 Pac 4 tournament
June 5 Canada 36 USA 5
June 11 Canada 0 New Zealand 28
June 17 Canada 22 Australia 10

July 24 Canada 34 Italy 24
Aug 27 Canada 31 Wales 3
Sept 24 Canada 24 Fiji 7

2021/2022 World Cup
Oct 9 Canada 41 Japan 5
Oct 16 Canada 22 Italy 12
Oct 23 Canada 29 USA 14
Oct 30 Canada 32 USA 11
Nov 5 Canada 19 England 26
Nov 11 Canada 0 France 36

2023 Results

March 25 Canada 66 South Africa 7
April 1 Canada 50 USA 17
July 8 Canada 21 New Zealand 52
July 14 Canada 45 Australia 7
September 23 Canada 24 England 50
September 30 Canada 12 England 29
October 20 Canada 42 Wales 22
October 26 Canada 12 England 45
November 3 Canada 29 France 20




Canadian Press Monty Heald Obituary

More about the Monty Heald National Women’s Fund objectives and administration


2016 Chairman’s Report

Dear Foundation Members,

I am writing to provide a brief report on the 12th year of the Canadian Rugby Foundation ending Dec 31, 2015.


We had a record year in donations with over 700k in donations. Our assets closed out the year at almost 3 million and but for a poor year on the markets we would have exceeded this mark. Our expenses remained low at a total of $28,597 and we should now be comfortably delivering over 100k a year in grants without any impact on capital. Because of the growth in our funds we decided to look for an institutional investment firm. After a diligent process of solicitations of interest and interviews by our investment committee of Jim Kellett chair, John Woodward and Bill Webb, the firm of Leith Wheeler was selected and the process of transfer of our entire portfolio will have been completed at the time of distribution of this report. The investment committee also recommended, and has implemented some changes to our investment policy to permit a greater degree of flexibility with respect to investment choices in accordance with the policies of our new fund managers. I would like to thank Bruce McFarlane and Sarah Dunbar of Odlum Brown for their years of service. Bruce was one of our very first members and always had our interests first and foremost.

Read the full report in .pdf format

Curry Hitchborn Gerald McGavin Coaching Award Winner

There’s no doubting the passion that Curry brings to coaching, he loves rugby and where it’s taken him. He started coaching in 2006 at the high school where he first played rugby as a youth, Handsworth Secondary, not far from the club that would take him to the next level of coaching, Capilano Rugby Club.

He coached the Capilano men’s 3rd Division team and over the next eight years the club’s U16, U17, U18 and U19 teams. He was asked to assist with the men’s Premier side as the forward’s coach in 2012. That was the year they came back from relegation and made it to the Premier final against James Bay. It’s a year Curry remembers very well and you can tell the pride in his voice when he talks about that team. He credits the Capilano Rugby Club and the Vancouver Rugby Union (VRU) with actively supporting him during his early coaching career.

The Vancouver Rugby Union asked him to run their Vancouver North U16 squad which made it to the final and next year he was coach for the BC Blue U16 team. He went on to coach national championship teams for BC in the U16, U17 and U19 levels. He has also worked with the Canada U17 program as a guest coach.

He had a chance to be part of the UBC coaching staff in 2013 when they started their meteoric rise through the men’s elite ranks. UBC won the Division One Provincial title in 2014 earning them promotion to the BC Premier which they immediately won in 2015. Since winning the award he’s added two national U19 championships with BC, a national U16 championship, two Rounsefell Cup titles with UBC – as well as a club U18 championship.

His philosophy during his rugby coaching career has remained the same, care about the people you coach and try to listen more than you talk, pay attention to the process and the results will come.

Monty Heald Fund Update – Summer 2016

Below you will find comments from players on our National Senior Women’s 15, who, for the first time in recent memory, did not have to pay to play for Canada at the recent Super Series. They were subsidized by the Monty Heald National Women’s Fund via the Canadian Rugby Foundation. This fund was established to ensure players would not have to play in lead up to and at the 2017 Women’ Rugby World cup. In conjunction with Rugby Canada and National Women’s team management, budgets were reviewed and targets for the fund were set. The goal is to leave a legacy fund that will go beyond the World Cup. We have a remarkable donor who contributed an initial $50,000 to start the fund. In addition, this same donor offered to match $175,000 if we could organize the community to donate a similar amount. We have raised $102,000 to date and need to raise another $73,000 to meet our target.

Please help us in supporting the talented and dedicated young women whose ambitions are only to bring home the Women’s Rugby World Cup in 2017. Your contributions will mean they can focus on their skills and preparation. Donations are tax deductible and will be matched!

Thank you for your support
Stephanie White
Chairwomen, Monty Heald National Women’s Fund