Contributing Members

The Canadian Rugby Foundation is unique in that the direction of the Foundation is decided by those who have donated to the Foundation and/or its funds, with a minimum of $25,000 in lifetime contributions. We believe this leads to accountability and prudence in the use of funds. The following individuals and corporations are the contributing members of the Foundation:

Aldous, Pat
Bourne, Rick
Browne, Noel
Bull, Michael
Bull, Peter
Cannon, Peter
Constantinescu, Jeff
de Goede, Hans
de Goede, Stephanie
Dennis, Sally
Duke, Neil
Fauth, Vern
Giffen, Barry
Gudewill, Nick
McGavin, Gerald
Hager, Judy
Hayden, Jay
Heward, Randy
Hill, Brian
Holmes, Mike
Huislip, James
Johnston, Jay
Kratz, Luke
Lapointe, Barry
Libby, Harvey
MacKenzie, Jim
MacLaren, Woody
McCarthy, Mark
McFarlane, Bruce
McKenzie, James
O’Connor, Michael
Oswald, Darrell
Parfrey, Brendan
Parfrey, Pat
Parker, Rod
Powers, Tim
Purdey, Andrew
Ross, Bob
Savics, Eric
Thomas, Gren
Webb, Bill
Woodward, John
Wyatt, Mark



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