Sofie Kennedy

Sofie Kennedy Courtenay Taaffe Scholarship 2016

Congratulations to Sofie Kennedy selected for the 2016 Courtenay Taaffe scholarship.

Birthplace: I was born in Saanichton BC.
Favourite memory growing up: My favourite memory growing up was getting my beautiful puppy Maggie for Easter!
Position played: I have played all forward positions but my two favourite are hooker and 8-man.
First year playing rugby: I was introduced to rugby in 2009 but began playing full-time with the Castaway Wanderers in 2010, Thanks David Crossley.
Favourite Coach: I have liked all my coaches but my favourites are definitely Murk Toorenburgh (Stelly’s High School) and Marius Felix (Team BC)
Most influential person in life: My parents have influenced me the most in ALL my endeavours.
Favourite rugby memory: The best moment I’ve had in rugby was the most recent – winning the National Rugby Championship this summer with Team BC U18 girls.
Worst rugby memory: I’ve had a few disappointments in rugby but for me the worst was losing in the Gold Medal Final to Fraser Valley at the BC Summer Games in 2014.
Favourite movie: “Taken” with Liam Neeson is my favourite movie.
Favourite musician: My favourite group is the “Eagles”
Favourite book: My favourite book is “Harry Potter”
Career plans: I really want to succeed in academics and become a physician.
Rugby goals in next 2 years: In the next two years I am keen on improving my rugby skills at Queen’s University with the eventual dream of one day representing my country internationally.
Favourite other hobbies: Other hobbies, well I love playing hockey and baking!

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