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Introducing the Canadian Rugby Foundation

The Canadian Rugby Foundation operates independently of, but cooperatively with, Rugby Canada. The Foundation is a non-profit organization governed by a Board consisting of directors appointed by the Foundation from donating members, and from Rugby Canada.

To date, the Canadian Rugby Foundation has received several generous donations, including an initial pledge of $1 million from Mr. Grenville Thomas.

The Canadian Rugby Foundation is a Canadian Not-for-Profit Corporation incorporated under the Canada Corporations Act, registered with the Canada Revenue Agency as a public foundation. The Canadian Rugby Foundation is required by law to distribute a percentage of its assets annually.


The objectives of the Canadian Rugby Foundation are as follows:

  1. to provide a vehicle for patrons and friends of rugby to provide tax-advantaged support either now, or through their estates, in order to assist the growth of rugby in Canada;
  2. to use funds of the Foundation to increase the number of players participating in rugby in Canada, and to build community awareness of the game;
  3. to expand into communities and regions which are not currently playing the game such as inner cities and First Nations communities;
  4. to improve the quality of play and skill level of players, coaches and referees by providing financial grants to programs and specialized services;
  5. to widen the opportunity for quality competition for both male and female players of all ages through competition and participation at all levels;
  6. to increase continually the size of the endowment fund through investment opportunities and through awareness and promotion;
  7. to ensure, by promoting ethnic diversity and a multi-cultural heritage, that the game in Canada is open to everyone;
  8. to oversee the Canadian Rugby Foundation in a responsible and open manner.


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