The Awards Committee is a committee of the Executive Committee appointed annually to oversee the Student Award Funds of the Foundation. The primary responsibilities are to manage the Foundation’s Student Awards that have been established under the auspices of the Foundation. These funds – the Thomas Family Awards, the George Jones Awards, and the Courtney Taaffe Award – are completely managed by the Committee, including:

  • soliciting award applications;
  • reviewing applications and selecting award winners;
  • communicating with the applicants and winners;
  • developing biographies for each winner from their application information;
  • publicizing the winners; and
  • ensuring payments and award certificates are made to the appropriate post-secondary institution.

In addition, many other student award funds have been established independently and sponsored by individuals and groups to provide awards to students currently participating in rugby as a player, coach, official, manager, trainer, and/or volunteer who are enrolled in or entering post-secondary institutions. The Committee has no direct responsibility for these Funds, but coordinates their activities and publicizes results of new awards and award winners.

Past award winners are publicized on the Foundation website at:

The 2022-2023 Committee members are:

  • Hans de Goede (Chair)
  • Mike Holmes
  • Barbara Mervin