George Jones Scholarship Winners 2020

Congratulations to this year’s winners of the George Jones Scholarships. You can read more about George Jones here. You can make donations to the George Jones Scholarship Fund or one of the many other Rugby related funds here.

Zachary Aldus

Zach Aldus

Birthplace: New Westminster

Favourite memory growing up: Going to the Beach with my cousins

Position played: Flanker

First year playing rugby: 2016

Favourite Coach: Brin Johnson

Most influential people in life: My parents

Favourite rugby memory: Winning Provincials in grade 10

Worst rugby memory: I may have jumped into a tackle the first time I played. Was not very fun

Favourite movie: Furry

Favourite musician: Luke Combs

Favourite book: Ready Player One

Career Plans: Electrical or Software Engineering

Rugby goals in next two years: I am looking forward towards playing at UVIC

Favourite other hobbies: Going to the gym and hanging out with friends

Marilee Archer

Birthplace: Cobourg, Ontario

Favourite memory growing up: Going with my brothers and grandparents to the Roseneath Carousel and getting ice cream on the way home.

Position played: Lock, Flank, Eight Man, Fly Half, Inside Center, Outside Center, and Wing

First year playing rugby: Fall of 2016

Favourite Coach: Scott Caister

Most influential people in life: My parents

Favourite rugby memory: Last season, my teammate Booth always made bets with Caister. One of such bets allowed her to choose his halloween costume. Nearing the end of our game she was one try short, and the whole team came together to get her and the ball to the try line. It was the most cohesive we’d felt as a team all year. Caister was Mr. Clean for Halloween.

Worst rugby memory: Back in my first season we played a night game and one of my teammates had her collarbone broken as a result of a high tackle.

Favourite movie: How to Train Your Dragon

Favourite musician: boygenius

Favourite book: The Rest of Us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness

Career Plans: I want to become a computer animator.

Rugby goals in next two years: I really just want to be able to play again. Although it still looks like it’s going to be a while before it is safe to do so.

Favourite other hobbies: For the past four years I’ve been learning guitar from Pat Kelleher. Right now I’m learning the CAGED system for blues, but we’ve already covered the modes, and classical fingerpicking.

Randall Barton

Randall Barton

Birthplace: Duncan, BC

Favourite memory growing up: Getting to the Cowichan Rugby Football Club first thing in the morning, before a Sunday junior rugby game, with the dew still on the pitch and sun rising.

Position played: Hooker, Prop

First year playing rugby: At five years of age.

Favourite Coach: My dad.

Most influential people in life: I would say my Pa (Grandpa), Mom, and Dad.

Favourite rugby memory: Receiving the news I made the Canada U17 team and wearing the jersey for the first time.

Worst rugby memory: Tearing my ACL ligament in both knees.

Favourite movie: The Intouchables

Favourite musician: Eminem

Favourite book: I have two, Bill Walsh’s THE SCORE TAKES CARE OF ITSELF and Malcolm Gladwell’s DAVID AND GOLIATH

Career Plans: Complete my Undergraduate Sport Management Degree, Complete a Graduate Degree in Coaching/Sport Management and to be a part sport/rugby in an impactful role.

Rugby goals in next two years: Grow the game of rugby through the BC Grassroots Rugby Foundation, expand my knowledge and experiences of the game and to continue coaching at the provincial level.

Favourite other hobbies: Reading and watching other sports.

Ashley Hammer

Ashley Hammer

Birthplace: Leduc County, Alberta

Fvaourite Memory Growing Up: Going on trips to Disney with my family. It is still my favourite place to this day. It really is the happiest place on earth.

Position played: Wing

First Year Playing Rugby: 2017

Favourite Coach: Alanna Fittes (Wolf Pack Rugby and Junior Pandas Rugby)

Most influential people in my life: my coaches

Worst rugby memory: Not being able to play in my rugby finals for my last year of rugby with Leduc Composite Highschool due to a severe ankle injury. Not being able to step onto the field and play the game I love was an experience that every player fears.

Favourite Movie: Life of Pi

Favourite Musician (band): The Lumineers

Fvaourite Book: Life of Pi

Career Plans: Receive my Bachelor of Arts majoring in Criminology, from there I want to work with the EPS specializing in the ZEBRA unit, working towards supporting children who have experienced abuse and creating a future where every child is heard.

Rugby Goals in next two years. Continue to play with the University of Alberta’s Pandas Rugby team. Increasing my mental toughness on and off the field while continuing to improve my skills as a wing. This all in hopes to receive a CAP with Canada one day.

Favourite Other hobbies: Photography and Filmmaking

Anwuli Obi-Ossai

Anwuli Obi-Ossai

Birthplace: Bonny Island, Nigeria

Favourite memory growing up: Going to Disney World

Position played: Hooker and prop

First year playing rugby: 2016

Favourite coach: Leah Conforti

Favourite rugby memory: winning city championships 2 years in a row

Worst rugby memory: Losing 2019 Provincial championship

Favourite movie: Disney’s Tarzan

Favourite musician: Rihanna

Favourite book: Five Feet Apart by Rachel Lippincott

Career Plans: finish my Bsc and apply to medical school to become a orthopedic surgeon

Rugby goals in the next two years: Continue to be a better player and teammate

Favourite other hobbies: Riding my bike and baking

Rebecca Yang

Rebecca Yang

Birthplace: Toronto ONT

Favourite memory growing up:

Position played: Center

First year playing rugby: Grade 9 in 2016

Favourite Coach:

Most influential people in life:

Favourite rugby memory: One of my playoff games in my grade 11 sevens season. We were playing one of our biggest competitors and we were tied 0-0 at halftime. We came back and I scored my first hat trick that half to help my team win 21-0.

Worst rugby memory: Having to play an entire 15’s game after a thunderstorm. The field was flooded and we couldn’t see the rugby ball the whole time.

Favourite movie: Hamilton

Favourite musician: Taylor Swift

Favourite book: The great Gatsby.

Career Plans: To become a pharmaceutical researcher

Rugby goals in next two years: To train and compete with the Uottawa Gee-Gees Team.

Favourite other hobbies: Swimming, Curling,

Samantha-Joline Blum

Samantha Blum

Birthplace: Edmonton, AB – Currently in Nackawic, NB

Favourite memory growing up: My favorite memory growing up would have to be volunteering with my grandmother at my local Lions Club and helping others with her.

Position played: Hook, Fly-Half

First year playing rugby: 2017

Favourite Coach: Mary-Kim Schriver

Most influential people in life: My uncle, Randall Woodcock who has always pushed me to achieve my goals and supported me.

Favourite rugby memory: My team had won our first game in years, rugby had a period where it did not happen in my high school and I made it my goal to keep the love for rugby going, for my team to finally win after so long felt like one of the proudest moments in my life.

Worst rugby memory: My worst rugby memory would have to be at Rugby Fest in St. John, I had the opportunity to clear the field with the ball and ended up getting tackled by two people at once, this resulted in a concussion and I was removed from the game which was unfortunate.

Favourite movie: My favorite movie is the Grease Musical

Favourite musician: My favorite musician is Morgan Wallen

Favourite book: The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton

Career Plans: I am currently attending St. Thomas University for my Bachelor of Arts, I plan to transfer into a Bachelor of Social Work in my second year. After my degree, I plan to work with youth in the system (young offenders) or children in adoption. I also hope to become a rugby coach even myself and return what my coach has done for me to other youth players.

Rugby goals in the next two years: To be able to resume rugby at a post-secondary level, due to covid my plans have had a shift but I hope to be back on the field soon.

Favourite other hobbies: Hanging out with friends, Volunteering and taking care of my dog, Kera

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