Thomas Family Scholarship Winners 2020

Congratulations to this year’s winners of the Thomas Family Scholarships. You can read more about the Thomas Family Scholarship here.

Isabelle Grise

Isabelle Grise

Birthplace: Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

Favourite memory growing up: Fostering dogs with my family.

Position played: Centres, Fly Half

First year playing rugby: Summer 2018

Favourite Coach: Kait Pasic and Jocelyn Poirier

Most influential people in life: My three siblings

Favourite rugby memory: Winning Tropical Seven’s with Team Ontario in Orlando, Florida.

Worst rugby memory: Laying down after scoring a try and hyperextending my elbow with no one around in the first game of a tournament.

Favourite movie: Finding Nemo

Favourite musician: Sam Smith

Favourite book: Neversuch House

Career Plans: Obtain a bilingual bachelors in International Management at the University of Ottawa in order to travel and work for different NGO’s around the world.

Rugby goals in next two years: Improve on my overall skills and speed with the University of Ottawa Women’s Rugby team, and eventually gain playing time.

Favourite other hobbies: sports (especially aquafit), baking/cooking, having dance parties with my sisters, organizing my lists, arts and crafts

Marlowe Kemp

Marlowe Kemp

Birthplace: Toronto, Ontario
(Hometown: Oshawa, Ontario

Favourite memory growing up: Trying as many new things as possible.

Position played: Winger

First year playing rugby: I first played Rugby 7s in the 10th Grade for my high school and instantly fell in love with the sport (2017)

Favourite Coach: Christopher Conway (High School Coach, Eastdale CVI)
He introduced me to the sport and helped me grow in so many ways, both as a person and an athlete.

Most influential people in life: My mom is my biggest role model.

Favourite rugby memory: Scoring my first try in my first game!

Worst rugby memory: Injuring my knee and not being able to finish the season in Grade 11 (2018)

Favourite movie: 13 Going On 30

Favourite musician: Lennon Stella

Favourite book: The Hate U Give

Career Plans: Currently studying Emergency Services Fundamentals at Durham College to become a Paramedic.

Rugby goals in next two years: To strengthen my skills and play for the Durham Lords Women’s Rugby 7s team.

Favourite other hobbies: I have a passion for musical theatre and acting.

Ryan Matthews

Ryan Matthews

Birthplace: Burlington Ontario

Favourite memory growing up: I’ve always been lucky to have made some great memories through sport and getting the opportunity to play alongside my best friends. Cannot pick one in particular, just the overall experience of sport has left me with great memories.

Position played: Scrum-half

First year playing rugby: 2014, grade 9

Favourite Coach: Dan Pletch

Most influential people in life: Mom and Dad

Favourite rugby memory: First varsity cap for McMaster vs. RMC and first senior men’s first cap for Burlington vs. Stoney Creek

Worst rugby memory: Losing to Laurier against my younger brother

Favourite movie: Green Book

Favourite musician: The Tragically Hop

Favourite book: James Kerr, Legacy: What the All Blacks can teach us about the business of life

Career Plans: Police Officer

Rugby goals in next two years: continue to volunteer coaching with the Burlington Centaurs junior program and start for the senior men’s first team

Favourite other hobbies: Hockey, golf, camping

Sierra Stewart

Sierra Stewart

Lacombe, Alberta

Favourite memory growing up:
I don’t have a specific memory, but just growing up with my siblings and going on trips with family.

Position played:
Back row and centre

First year playing rugby:
Grade 10 of high school

Favourite Coach:
Erika Green

Most influential people in life:
My family, especially my Dad.

Favourite rugby memory:
Getting to travel with my team to places like Vancouver to compete and watch HSBC Canada sevens!

Worst rugby memory:
Tearing my ACL in my knee, which caused me to not play for over a year as I had to get surgery.

Favourite movie:
Favourite TV show is Stranger Things.

Favourite musician:
Too hard to pick! I don’t have a favourite.

Favourite book:
I honestly don’t like reading and only read when I have to for school.

Career Plans:
I’m currently taking my Bachelors of Kinesiology to hopefully use towards my Masters in Physical Therapy.

Rugby goals in next two years:
I recently have just been cleared to return to rugby after my surgery, so I plan to get comfortable with playing again, then hopefully play for a varsity team. Before I injured my knee, it was my goal to play rugby while going to school.

Favourite other hobbies:
I love anything outdoors like camping and hiking!

Hunter Twigg

Birthplace: Chatham, Ontario

Favourite memory growing up: Going on vacation with my family

Position played: Scrum Half and 10-Fly Half

First year playing rugby: Grade 9

Favourite Coach: Scott Morkin and Jeff Phaneuf

Most influential people in life: My parents

Favourite rugby memory: Scoring my first try

Worst rugby memory: There wasn’t a worst rugby memory

Favourite movie: I Still Believe

Favourite musician: Luke Bryan and Luke Combs

Favourite book: Fault in Our Stars

Career Plans: Police Officer

Rugby goals in next two years: Playing for a club team after college

Favourite other hobbies: Spending time with family and friends, riding my seadoos and playing other sports like hockey, volleyball, golf, etc.

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