Thomas Family Award Winners 2021


Birthplace: Brentwood Bay, BC
Favourite memory growing up: Digging in the garden for bugs with my Papa
Position played: Eight man and 7’s prop
First-year playing rugby: 2017
Favourite Coach(es): Brad Hart, Richard Cook and Oliver Winser.
Most influential people in life: My family, coaches and mentors.
Favourite rugby memory: Getting to participate and win 3 Provincial championships with Castaway Wanderers.
Worst rugby memory: Getting stuck in an airport for 10 hours after a tour.
Favourite movie: Guardians of the Galaxy
Favourite musician: Post Malone
Favourite book: The Old Man and the Sea
Career Plans: Registered Nurse
Rugby goals in the next two years: Play for the U19 and U20 Women’s Canada National teams
Fun fact about you: I have a boat named after me and all my pets are named after fish.
Your social media handles: Instagram: Marinaskakun_


Birthplace: I was born in Ottawa, but was raised in Gagetown NB.
Favourite memory growing up: I remember how my brother and I used to sit on the floor or outside and make up elaborate stories and play for hours.
Position played: In high-school I played 15 and I play 8 in university.
First-year playing rugby: 2018
Favourite Coach: Marissa Walcott and Bailey Andrews.
Most influential people in life: My mom and dad, and my supervisors at the summer camp I work at.
Favourite rugby memory: Playing in grade 12 with my best friend, and my first game as a Bishops Gaitor.
Worst rugby memory: Having my grade 11 season canceled due to Covid.
Favourite movie: San Andreas.
Favourite musician: whiterosemoxie and Rex Orange County.
Favourite book: Probably the first Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the philosophers stone.
Career Plans: Become a sports medicine doctor, or a surgeon.
Rugby goals in the next two years: Continue playing for Bishops University and play in Australia or New Zealand during a term abroad.
Fun fact about you: I’m a certified lifeguard and canoe instructor.
Your social media handles: Instagram- helen_stoney03

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