George Jones Award Winners 2021


Birthplace: Truro, NS
Favourite memory growing up: My mother and I went on a road trip along the coast of California a few years ago and it was an incredible experience.
Position played: I’ve played every position in the forwards but have mostly focused on hooker.
First-year playing rugby: 2017 (9th grade)
Favourite Coach: My very first club and High School coach, her name is Meghan MacEachern.
Most influential people in life: Meghan MacEachern, as mentioned above, as well as some of the upper year players on my university team, they are so unbelievably incredible.
Favourite rugby memory: When I played for U16 Rugby Nova Scotia we were playing team New Brunswick in the gold medal game after having lost to them 3 times in the season. It ended up going into double overtime and we won!
Worst rugby memory: I unfortunately tore my ACL and meniscus over the summer, and had to have surgery and am currently in a very long recovery process.
Favourite movie: The Shawshank Redemption
Favourite musician: Hozier
Favourite book: Where the Crawdads Sing
Career Plans: Something in the field of Aerospace Engineering
Rugby goals in the next two years: Make a full recovery from surgery and play my first University game.
Fun fact about you: I absolutely love crocheting.
Your social media handles: Instagram: Emberwarren_


Birthplace: Saskatoon SK, Canada
Favourite memory growing up: Swimming, water sports and Camping with family and friends at the north Saskatchewan river down the hill from where I live.
Position played: Wing
First-year playing rugby: 2019
Favourite Coach:Robin MacDowell and Kayla Mack.
Most influential people in life: My dad for always giving me sports advice and just life advice in general and for always pushing me to do my best. My mom for always making sure I tried every sport available and always encouraging me to be the best I could be in school and sports. Robin MacDowell being a great example of how hard work pays off and that if you chase your dreams and put in the effort you can accomplish them.
Favourite rugby memory: Playing my first season of rugby with my sister Christina who I grew up playing sports with and winning our last game at CanWest together.
Worst rugby memory: Tearing my ACL at a Senior Women’s 15’s practice.
Favourite movie: The Amazing Spiderman 2
Favourite musician:Morgan Wallen
Favourite book:The Harry Potter Series.
Career Plans: Doctor of Medicine.
Rugby goals in the next two years:Join the Maple Leafs and play on the world sevens series.
Fun fact about you: I love snowmobiling and dirtbiking on the farm at home.
Your social media handles:Instagram: @carissa.norsten


Birthplace: Lacombe, Alberta
Favourite memory growing up: Going on trips with my family.
Position played: Flank, Centre
First-year playing rugby: 2017
Favourite Coach: Kessie Stefanyk & Erika Green
Most influential people in life: My family
Favourite rugby memory: Getting to travel with my team to places like Vancouver to compete and watch HSBC Canada sevens!
Worst rugby memory: Not being able to play rugby for over a year due to a knee injury that required surgery.
Favourite movie: Lilo and Stitch
Favourite musician: Passenger
Favourite book: Paper Towns
Career Plans: I am currently working towards my Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing, and hope to work in a pediatrics unit!
Rugby goals in the next two years: I have been cleared to return to rugby after my surgery and plan to get comfortable playing again and hope to play on a varsity team.
Fun fact about you: I love being outdoors and going hiking.
Social media handles: @sierra.stewart


Birthplace: Kenora, ON
Favourite memory growing up: Going to rugby games
Position played: Front Row
First-year playing rugby: 2011
Favourite Coach: Andy Clark
Most influential people in life: My rugby team-all of them
Favourite rugby memory: Nicaragua Tour with Nomads 2020…though I don’t remember much of it.
Worst rugby memory: Social Distanced Pandemic Training
Favourite movie: Brooklyn
Favourite musician: The Arkells
Favourite book: The Undomestic Goddess
Career Plans: I want to be a shop welder, then maybe a fabricator
Rugby goals in the next two years: Winter training with the Crusaders after Christmas, then a tournament, hoping to expand the womens team.
Fun fact about you: I also play goalie on a hockey with the other welders in my class.
Your social media handles: @maryreddon instagram.

David Symington


Birthplace: Williams Lake British Columbia, Canada
Favourite memory growing up: Being active with my dad while playing rugby, surfing, cricket, hiking, etc.
Position played: flyhalf, outside center, wing
First-year playing rugby: 2013
Favourite Coach: Jas Purewal (Port Alberni Black Sheep)
Most influential people in life: My parents
Favourite rugby memory: Highschool Rugby Provincials 2019
Worst rugby memory: Breaking my collarbone
Favourite movie: Spider-man
Favourite musician: Midnight Oil
Favourite book: The Hobbit
Career Plans: Pursue a career in independent film making
Rugby goals in the next two years: Play club rugby and have as much fun as I can while becoming the best player I can be
Fun fact about you: I really enjoy cooking
Your social media handles: Instagram: david_symington_ TikTok: david_symington


Birthplace: Calgary, Alberta
Favourite memory growing up: Skiing at Sunshine with my family
Position played: Inside-center mostly, a little flanker
First-year playing rugby: 1999
Favourite Coach: I can only remember his first name, Johnny. He was from New Zealand and he introduced me to the sport.
Most influential people in life: my 2 daughters
Favourite rugby memory: Taking the high school team I coach to our school’s first-ever provincial championship (even though we lost)
Worst rugby memory: Not being allowed to field a team in 2020 due to Covid-19.
Favourite movie: Pulp Fiction
Favourite musician: Jimi Hendrix
Favourite book: Nineteen Eighty-Four
Career Plans: To finish my Masters and continue coaching and teaching.
Rugby goals in the next two years: To get my team back into competitive shape after Covid interruptions.
Fun fact about you: I accidentally stole someone’s quad on the island of Santorini (my key worked on their identical quad). I was arrested for 15 minutes. An honest mistake, we’ve all done it!
Your social media handles: I’m actually the only person in the world not on any Social Media. You can email me at:


Birthplace: Calgary, Alberta
Favorite memory growing up: My favorite memory growing up has to be the time spent during the summer on the Vancouver coastline swimming, exploring, and cliff jumping with my buddies.
Favorite Coach: My favorite coach would have to be Perino Zambon of Rockridge High School Rugby. His effort, along with fellow coach and teacher Scott Lawson, created a phenomenal rugby program at Rockridge secondary. I owe to that team countless memories, some of my best friends, and my love of the game of rugby.
Favorite movie: Snatch, directed by Guy Ritchie
Favorite Musician: Bob Marley
Most Influential People: My mother, father, and my close friends are the biggest influences in my life. Seeing how hard my parents work to create the best life possible for me is inspiring. I owe 100% of my success to them and all the things they have done to both support me and push me in whatever I choose to do. I’m extremely lucky to be surrounded by such great people.
Position played: Back Row
Favorite Rugby memory: I have too many favorite rugby memories to pick just one. A rugby memory that I really believe embodies the spirit of the game was after the devastating cancellation of our senior season. We self-organized and refereed a 7’s tournament. It was unsurprisingly a disaster but a great time.
Worst rugby memory: My worst rugby memory has to be getting taken out of the high school city championships with an injury. Losing that game and not being able to play in a city championship was pretty sour, however, we were given the opportunity to go play for the BC provincial tournament.
Career plans: I hope to graduate from university and become a human rights lawyer. I would like to be a professional athlete and help make the world a better place.
Rugby goals for the next two years: In the next two years I hope to get named to a Team Canada Rugby squad.
Favorite Book: I have too many favorite books to count. If I had to pick one at the moment, it’s Long Walk to Freedom by Nelson Mandela.
Fun fact about myself: At the age of 4 my family and I lived in The Bahamas for close to a year.
Social Media Handle: Instagram: Demetrijpatterson

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