Monty Heald National Women’s Fund

Thank you for coming to this page to make a donation to the Monty Heald Fund in support of Rugby Canada’s Women’s XV program.

With the help of generous donors like you, the Fund’s first campaign was a great success. Together we set a standard that has meant that not a single player is asked to reach into her pocket to offset team expenses. With your support, our players have been able to concentrate on their training and preparations on the road to the RWC.

Now we look to the 2021 and the RWC in New Zealand. Elite player development in the UK, France and New Zealand is heavily impacted through the semi professional women’s leagues in those countries and will result in an international field of play more advanced than ever before. Thank you for your support in ensuring we are not left behind. Remember, 100% of your donation goes to the National Women’s XV program. Like rugby players across the country, donors to the MHF come in all shapes and sizes. All contributions are welcome and every donation is very much appreciated. Your donation delivers a powerful message of support to the players.

Many thanks for your support!

Amanda Thornborough

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