Foundation Donates Rugby Supplies to African Orphanage

In February 2013, a group of Victorians had the privilege of visiting South Africa and spending some time at the orphanage of Thembalethu.  Though only a small group of us visited, the good will and generosity of several groups of Victorians helped enrich the lives of many, many children.  Specifically, we must mention, the Canadian Rugby Foundation, the Lower Vancouver Island Soccer Association, the Compassionate Warehouse, St. Andrew’s High School, St. Andrew’s Elementary School, Spank it Sports and many individuals Victorians.

We have so many stories but will tell you just a few which will help to highlight the difference your specific contribution may have made.  One of the schools in the area near Thembalethu had scheduled a “sports day” but had been forced to cancel it due to lack of balls.  The students were really disappointed but understood that this was just another thing that happens to poor children around the world.  They are used to disappointment.  Then what must have seemed like a miracle happened.  The community outreach program, which is run by the Sisters who run the Orphanage, sent a number of soccer and rugby balls which had been generously donated by St. Andrew’s High School and the Canadian Rugby Foundation.  The Sports Day was back on complete with jerseys and pinnies donated by the Lower Vancouver Island Soccer Association.  What a wonderful display of global co-operation!!!  The smiles on the faces of those kids will never be forgotten and Canada will forever have place in the heart of each one of them.

We visited another elementary school which had over 1000 students.  These students were in classes of 60 to 100 pupils.  The principal met with us and we were able to give her school supplies donated by the Compassionate Warehouse.  She was overwhelmed by the generosity shown by Canadians who do not even know her students.  She described her students as being from the poorest of the poor.  She said that her school is extremely overcrowded but that she cannot turn the children away even though the school has no supplies for them.  It was hard for us to even imagine being educated in such a situation.

In South Africa, students must have uniforms to attend school and this can be very difficult for most parents.  We gave the uniforms from St. Andrew’s Elementary School to the outreach program at the orphanage and they were so excited to see them.  They said that each and every one of them would be used by a child who needs them.  Many of the people they serve are from orphan led homes and it is impossible for these young orphans to raise the money they need for uniforms for themselves as well as their siblings.  They were most thankful.

A group of the children and the orphanage asked us further details about the generous donors of the wonderful things which we brought.  We tried to explain who you were and they asked us to write out your names for them.  On our last day they presented us with these cards for you.

Thank you from the children and from those of us who went on this most wonderful and rewarding journey.

Jackie and Don MacIntyre, Connie McKenzie, Jean Moisey, Judy and Chuck Morgan, Vic Parsons, and  Lorraine Calderwood Parsons

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