Dick Ellis Memorial Fund

The Dick Ellis Memorial Fund (DEMF) originated in 1978 as an ongoing memorial to Mr. Dick Ellis, a Rugby Canada President, who had passed away in office. Donations were provided at the time of Mr. Ellis’s death, and since its inception the trustees of this fund have been distributing financial awards ranging in degree for worthwhile educational Rugby projects across Canada.

The DEMF has recently undergone review by the current trustees and is now affiliated with the Canadian Rugby Foundation and has changed the criteria for funding specifically targeting that funds be made available and delivered to both Canada’s Senior Men’s and Senior Women’s National Team members during their respective World Cup year. Therefore, as of 2012 the DEMF has been made available to both the Men’s and the Women’s Senior teams in each of their World Cup years. Designated funding is provided specifically to the men’s captain and women’s captain to spend as required for World Cup preparation with the intent of the funds being used only for purposes that the two respective captains see fit.

In 2015  for the senior men’s World Cup, the Trustees are pleased to report that funds were provided to Mr. Tyler Ardron, Rugby Canada’s Senior Men’s Captain, during their World Cup preparation for the purpose of holding a “Captains Retreat”. The DEMF Trustees are pleased to be able to provide this financial support to all members of the men’s World Cup squad and to be able to continue to recognize the contribution Mr. Dick Ellis, a former President has made to our Canadian Rugby community.

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