There are three categories of award funds, some of which are managed by the Canadian Rugby Foundation, some of which are funds within the Foundation that are managed by the Fund Sponsors, and lastly, some of which are managed outside the Foundation by partner organizations without a corresponding Foundation fund.

Foundation Awards are managed and presented by the Canadian Rugby Foundation. Application Checklist is here. Application Form is here.  Click on the specific award for details on award dates and eligibility.

Club awards are presented by individual clubs and other fund sponsors. Contact the club executive for more details.

Other awards are presented by affiliated organizations and listed below for information.

FOUNDATION AWARD FUNDS  (Managed and presented through the Canadian Rugby Foundation)


  • Application Checklist is here.
  • Application Form is here.
  • You must be a Canadian Citizen to apply
  • Nominations for the Lt. Col. W.D.C. Holmes University Awards are made by the 16 participating coaches in November at the U SPORTS Women’s Rugby Championship and the Canadian University Men’s Rugby Championship. Please send nominations to one week prior to the start of each tournament.

CLUB AWARD FUNDS  (Awarded by rugby clubs and other fund sponsors and individuals).

Donations to the above Canadian Rugby Foundation awards can be made online using the form below, or by sending a cheque to the Canadian Rugby Foundation office:

Canadian Rugby Foundation
709 Yates St.
PO Box 8003
Victoria, BC
V8W 3R7

OTHER AWARDS (Presented by affiliated organizations)