Mackenzie Carson – George Jones Scholarship 2017

Mackenzie has been part of the Abbotsford rugby program since mini-rugby, she’s gone on to represent BC at the senior level and Canada at the U20 level.  She currently attends UBC where she continues her studies and rugby career. 


Birthplace: Langley, BC

Favourite memory growing up: Although this isn’t really from my childhood, the first time I got to represent Canada at the U18 level on tour in England. My family from overseas was able to watch, both my parents, and some of my family from home made the trip and I was very proud to pull the jersey on with my family there to support.

Position played: I have played almost every position but most recently I have played inside centre.

First year playing rugby: I started playing rugby in 2008 at the Abbotsford RFC in their mini program
and have been hooked ever since

Favourite Coach: Darcy Patterson and Jodie Cornell. They both took a chance on me and helped me
harness what I am really good at and allowed me to be confident in my skills.

Most influential person in life: My Mother. She has shown me compassion, confidence, sacrifice, and a
bit of tough love all at the right times. I also know she will always be the most honest person in the room.

Favourite rugby memory: The first time I ever represented BC in 2013 at Nationals. It was the first time
there was ever a U16 category for Women in the National Championship and we ended up beating
Ontario in the final. It was a tight knit group of girls and many of which will be my life long friends. The
coaching staff also played a big role in shaping my rugby career. Oddly enough the tournament was held
at UBC and at the time I didn’t know it but it would be the place I call home for my undergrad.

Worst rugby memory: Losing in the provincial semi-finals in my grade 11 year of high school to Carson
Graham. It came down to the final play and we ended up falling just short after a penalty was called on
the play. We ended up placing third in the tournament and although it seems trivial now, I’ll never forget
the feeling of that loss. Its one that will stick with me for a long time.

Favourite movie: Dirty Dancing

Favourite musician: Michael Jackson or Tina Turner

Favourite book: Anything that’s not a textbook.

Career plans: I am currently completing my undergrad and would love to complete a masters in the
hopes of becoming a high school teacher. I would also like to pursue a career in coaching at a later
stage in my life.

Rugby goals in next 2 years: I hope to make the National Senior Women’s squad in the near future. It
has been a goal of mine since I was about 10 years old and I am excited to see where my career goes in
the next two years.

Favourite other hobbies: When I’m not at rugby I’m usually caught napping, netflixing, or eating but I
do collect records so I am always on the hunt for new ones to add to my showcase. I’m also forever in
search of the world’s best eggs benny if that counts.

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