Canada U20 Successful on the Field in JWRT Qualifier but What Fuels the Success and How You Can Help

The Canadian U20 team have defeated the USA U20 team in a two game series, with Canada winning both matches. That’s not an easy task, in 2016 the USA won the series, in 2017 the teams split the games with Canada advancing on aggregate, the same happened in 2018. 2019 is the first time in a while that Canada have won both matches and went through on a comfortable aggregate of 67 to 38.

A lot of the credit goes to the coaching staff of Jeff Williams and Adam Roberts plus the specialist coaches they bring in from across Canada to help but as the coaches will admit it’s the amount of preparation time they have with the team that is the key. “There is no doubt that the increased preparation time plus more games has improved our standard” stated Jeff Williams, Head Coach of the men’s U20 team, “Furthermore removing/reducing the burden of pay to play for our U18 team, along with more games, will certainly improve the quality of players playing for the World Trophy”.

This year the squad had the opportunity to travel to Portugal to play the team they faced at last year’s JWRT and will meet again in Brazil. They also played Spain and a development side from France. These opportunities to play together on a tour or to spend a few extra weeks together in camp come with a price tag. That’s where the U20 Support Group and the U20 Support Fund with the Canadian Rugby Foundation comes into help. This year they provided $58,000 to the U20 team to help in their preparation, the fund goes beyond that though and assists the U18 team as well, they will receive $17,000 this year to help prepare them for their matches versus the USA. The beauty of this fund is that the payouts are from interest accrued on the principal and so it will be funding the U20 and U18 teams on a long term basis.

The goal is to create a permanent endowment fund of 3 million dollars, there’s already $1.9 million pledged to date for the men and $300,000 for the women. With agreed upon matching funds from Rugby Canada this will create perpetual funding in the order of over $150,000 annually. Outside of World Rugby funding that covers tournament expenses, this funding will constitute the main and critical ongoing financial support for the Under 20 program.

David Robertson, former Shawnigan headmaster and a member of the Canada U20 Support group noted, “It’s very heartening to see the Boards of Rugby Canada and the Canadian Rugby Foundation work together so supportively to see current and future generations of young rugby players, male and female, receive the funding they need not only to participate but also to be successful”

Donations of any amount are gratefully accepted and we ask for your support by giving as much as you can to help support out junior development. Donations can be made online through the Canadian Rugby Foundation website.

Men’s U20 Program

Platinum Sponsors – 250k over 10 years

Shawnigan Lake School
Andrew Purdey – Businessman and Member of U20 Support Group
Mike Holmes – Chair Canadian Rugby Foundation
Dr. Pat Parfrey – Former President Rugby Canada
Rick Bourne – Former President Rugby Canada
Canadian Rugby Foundation Captain’s Fund

Gold Sponsors – 100k over 10 years

Gren Thomas- Founder Canadian Rugby Foundation
Tim Powers- current President of Rugby Canada

Silver Sponsors – 25k over 5 years

Dr. Brendan Parfrey – Former U20 International
Sally Dennis – Director Rugby Canada
Jay Johnston – Director Rugby Canada
Mark McCarthy – Businessman and U20 Rugby Parent
Mark Wyatt – Vice President Canadian Rugby Foundation
Hans de Goede – Director Canadian Rugby Foundation
Pat Aldous – former President of Rugby Canada
Randy Heward – Founding member of the Canadian Rugby Hong Kong 7s

Women’s U20 Program

Platinum Sponsors

Shawnigan Lake School

Silver Sponsors

Stephanie de Goede
Rick Bourne

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