8 University Men’s Rugby Coaches Now Selected for Advanced Coaching Courses in New Zealand and Wales

We are happy to report that the following 7 university men’s rugby coaches have been selected to attend the first Crusaders course to be held LIVE in 3 years in Christchurch, NZ.

  • Scott Manning (U Victoria)
  • Andy Evans (Trinity Western U)
  • Nick “Vinny” McAuley (U Calgary)
  • Ian McLeod (Western U)
  • Jamie Mackenzie (Laurier U)
  • Ian Baillie (McGill U)
  • Pat B. Parfrey (Memorial U)

The eighth coach, Curry Hitchborn from UBC, will pursue a coaching experience in Wales this summer.


Curry and Scott’s attendance (course fee, accommodations, and air travel) is funded through the Canadian Rugby Foundation’s Gerald McGavin Coaching Award Fund, selected by the BC Rugby Union.
Andy, Vinny, Ian M., Jamie, Ian B., and Pat’s attendance (course fee and accommodation) are funded through the Canadian Rugby Foundation’s University Rugby Supporters’ Fund, with air travel subsidized by Dave Lougheed’s “For the Love of the Game” charity, and selected by a sub-committee consisting of Doug Tate, Mike Holmes, and Dave Lougheed.
This initiative is consistent with 1) the belief that Men’s University Rugby is an essential keystone for the improvement of men’s rugby in Canada, and the advancement of the national men’s team’s performance, just as Women’s University Rugby has been proven to be essential to the Senior Women’s 15s performance on the world stage; and 2) that improved coaching in university men’s rugby is a critical step towards improving the depth and calibre of Canadian university men’s rugby and hence, the Canadian men’s senior team.
The Crusaders course will take place from May 22 to June 2 at Crusaders Rugby Park, Christchurch, New Zealand.  This year’s coaches will be expected to share their learning with other university and club coaches in their regions following the camp, so be on the lookout for them.
Dependent on funding, and the success of this year’s initiative, we will work towards a repeat in 2024 with a new group of coaches.
Good luck to our Canadian contingent of coaches this summer, and to all of the University Men’s Rugby teams in the coming 2023 season, playoffs, and road to the 2023 CUMRC in Langley, BC on November 15-19.
Jeff Chan
Executive Director, Canadian Rugby Foundation
Chairman, Canadian University Men’s Rugby Championship
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