Niagara Old Boys RFC Capital Fund

The Niagara Old Boys RFC is an over-35 rugby club located in Burlington, Ontario. Our home field and clubhouse are located in Sherwood Forest Park at the end of Fairview Street on the east side of Appleby Line. We are always looking for enthusiastic players so please come join us for a game or a pint. We play touch on Tuesday and Thursday nights and full contact games are usually on Sundays at 1:00pm.

The Burlington Centaurs Rugby Football Club was founded in 1973. The first club president was Dave Swift and the first club captain was Monty Heald. The Centaurs were always a very competitive side in those early years. Off the field, development was second to none and in four short years, B.C.R.F.C. had organized (in conjunction with the City of Burlington and Wintario) a headquarters at Sherwood Forest Park for the 1979 season.

These facilities, which included a full international size pitch with a “pop-up” watering system, were soon to become one of the best rugby fields in all of Canada. We started with a small but very cosy ground-floor club room. The club continued to develop in playing skills and depth. A third team was added in 1979 and a strong junior program was also part of this growth.

In 1990 a major project was completed, in that, our new clubhouse was officially opened. This superb clubhouse, built over the original facility, opened to a balcony overlooking the pitch at the halfway line. In 2020, the clubhouse was renovated and updated to maintain its status as one of the premier facilities in the province.  And now, some 30 years later, a new clubhouse is being planned.

The Niagara Old Boys RFC Capital Fund was established in 2021 by the Niagara Old Boys to support the construction of a new clubhouse for the Old Boys and the Burlington Centaurs Rugby Club. The Niagara Club has raised approximately $100,000 of capital (“Niagara Fund”) it has allocated for the purpose of assisting in the construction of a clubhouse (“Clubhouse Project”) in partnership with the Burlington Centaurs Rugby Football Club (the “Burlington Club”) and the City of Burlington and wishes to have the Niagara Funds managed and earning income until, if ever, such Clubhouse Project is completed.

The clubhouse project is not slated to start until 2025 or 2026 but all the funds would be available for a payout over a period of one to ten years from that date as construction proceeds and is then completed.