The Aurora Barbarians RFC Development Fund was established on March 6, 2023.



The Aurora Barbarians RFC (Barbs) celebrated their 70th anniversary in 2020. The Club began as two separate rugby clubs: The Toronto Barbarians and the Aurora Rugby Club. The club officially became the Aurora Barbarians in 2002 when the two clubs successful merged.

The Aurora Rugby Club was constituted in 1998, developing from the original Aurora Yorks which were formed in 1961 by John .T. P. Brown, a member of the Ontario Rugby Hall of Fame and a past president of the Ontario Rugby Union.

In 1949 rugby was resurrected in post-war Ontario by a group of British expatriates who banded together to form the Wanderers RFC. The following year 1950, the group launched an intensive recruiting drive for players and drawing together a total of 80 would-be participants, set up three additional teams based in Toronto including the Barbarians

The club lead the development of junior rugby in the 70s and purchased a share of Fletcher’s Fields during this time. The club were at the forefront of the re-development of Fletcher’s Fields in the early 90’s, which lead to the construction of a stadium which brought International rugby matches to the GTA.

On the pitch, the club fielded a number of strong championship Senior Mens and youth teams in the 50’s 60’s,70’s and 80’s. After the merger in 2002, the Aurora Barbarians enjoyed a string of success at the Senior Mens level. The club captured five straight league championships, three McCormick Club Championships and made at total of seven McCormick Cup appearances from 2006-2013.

The Senior Women were a similar dominant group with three OWL championships from 2012 to 2016. The club has also seen success from their U-18 Boys and Girls program having won a number of Provincial Championships

The Barbs have strong Old Boys network of “Black Sheep” supporters. There were notable tours in the 60s and 70’s to USA and Caribbean destinations; in the 80’s to Vancouver, California and Chicago; in the 90s and 2000’s to Las Vegas and NY. The Black Sheep have been strong supporters of the new ABRFC Development Fund.

The Aurora Barbarians philosophy is “A Club for All” and the Club has focused on developing and leading Junior, Minor and Women’s programs to consistently rank among the largest membership clubs in Canada. The ABRFC supports a broad array of teams and programs including: Adult Touch Rugby, Junior Boys, U14 Boys, U16 boys, U18 Boys, Junior Girls, U16 Girls, U18 Girls, Minor Rugby, U10, U12, U8 Flag, Senior Men and Senior Women.

The Aurora Barbarians Rugby Football Club (ABRFC) is a non-share capital corporation incorporated under the Corporations Act (Ontario). ABRFC is a not-for-profit organization within the meaning of paragraph 149(1)(l) of the Income Tax Act (Canada). The articles of incorporation of the ABRFC dated January 29, 2003, state the objects of ABRFC in part as follows: to promote and encourage the playing of Rugby union football, particularly in the area surrounding the Town of Aurora.

Aurora Barbarians RFC Development Fund

The Aurora Barbarians RFC Development Fund is intended to provide funding from donations, interest earned and capital withdrawals for the Aurora Barbarians Rugby Football Club that supports the growth and development of rugby in Canada, a specified area, or the Aurora Barbarians Rugby Football Club specifically, consistent with the Mission of the Canadian Rugby Foundation. These include:

  1. To encourage and further the game of rugby in Aurora, Ontario, and Canada,
  2. To maintain and conduct the Aurora Barbarians Rugby Football Club (the “Club”) and to promote amongst the members of the Club and others, an interest in the game of rugby,
  3. To actively support rugby players in the Province of Ontario by furnishing equipment, kit, and facilities for the game of rugby,
  4. To promote all forms of rugby and to arrange matches and rugby competitions and to offer or grant and contribute towards prizes, awards and distinctions related to playing rugby in the province of Ontario, and
  5. To accumulate assets dedicated to capital projects, for which withdrawals will be made towards projects such as land and building purchases, construction, facility improvements and renovations.