Thomas Family Award Fund

In 2001, an idea was presented to create a foundation which would support the growth and development of the sport of rugby in Canada.  This idea was strongly supported by many rugby enthusiasts across the country, including Mr. Grenville Thomas.  Though it would take several years for the foundation to come to fruition, it was Mr. Thomas who put his hand up first to make the initial pledge to support this special project.

Since 2003, the Canadian Rugby Foundation has been active in the sport providing numerous grants to aid in the establishment of new rugby programs, clubs and ventures.  In addition, the Foundation has supported many students through awards which allow them to achieve their academic goals while continuing to stay active in the sport.

The Canadian Rugby Foundation has a number of awards which have been named after deserving people in the rugby community who have made significant contributions to our game.  There is no family more deserving of this honour than the Thomas family.  Their contributions to Canadian Rugby have been more significant than any other in the past.  The Thomas’ initial pledge has also encouraged others to give back to the sport they love.

The Thomas family originates from Morriston, a small town in Wales.  As a young engineer, Mr. Thomas decided to emigrate to Canada.  He is, and always has been, very passionate about rugby.  It is for this reason that the family decided to make this significant pledge to support the Foundation as a way of saying thank you to a country and sport that has given so much joy to the entire family.  As a way of thanking the Thomas family for their extreme generosity to the Foundation and all of the various rugby projects they have supported over the years, the Foundation presents the Thomas  Family Scholarship to be distributed annually to one or Canadian student playing the great game of rugby.

Application Checklist is here. Application Form is here. Please send application to

NOTE: If you have already submitted application please resubmit and ensure that you receive confirmation that your application has been received. You will receive acknowledgment of receipt within 48 hours.


Any male or female student who is currently playing rugby in Canada:

1.  Between 17 to 21 years of age as of the end of September of the year in which the award is granted;
2.  Enrolled in a full-time degree (graduate or undergraduate), diploma or certificate program at a Canadian college or university for the academic year commencing in the year in which the award is granted.  Students commencing their studies in the Fall are eligible.

General Guidelines:

1.  Unsuccessful applicants may reapply in a subsequent year.
2.  Successful recipients may not apply again.
3. The award is conditional upon the acceptance and continuance in the educational program of the applicant’s choice. Verification of acceptance will be required.
4. Applications must be mailed, couriered or e-mailed.
5.  The award recipient must agree to have her name and photograph publicized.  He or she must be prepared to promote the scholarship as requested.

Selection Criteria:

1. Must be actively playing the sport and demonstrate that they plan on staying active in the game.
2. Strong academic achievement.
3.  Recognized contribution to the local and rugby communities.

Application Requirements:

1.   A completed application form;
2.   A letter, not more than 250 words, describing the reasons why you would be a worthy recipient of the Thomas Family Award. Include your contributions to the rugby community, other volunteer activities, your academic achievements, your most important accomplishments and your future goals;
3.  Two letters of reference from the two individuals named in your application. One must be from someone involved in the sport of rugby;
4.  An electronic photograph e-mailed to  We would prefer if the applicant is wearing a rugby jersey in the photo but that is not required (once submitted the photo will be the property of the Canadian Rugby Foundation).


Applications may be submitted by email, mail or courier no later than September 1st at 4pm PST.

Canadian Rugby Foundation
709 Yates St.
PO Box 8003
Victoria, BC
V8W 3R7


Scholarship winners will be notified by September 30th.  Only the winner will be notified.  The scholarship committee thanks all applicants for their interest in the Thomas Family Scholarship and wishes them success in the classroom and on the field.