Rugby Ontario is the provincial sports governing body responsible for the organization of rugby in Ontario. Our mission is to lead the sport of rugby in Ontario into a new era of growth through increased participation, community involvement, sound administration and successful player development. Our vision is to establish a stronger identity for rugby in Ontario by promoting the sport’s core values and by fostering a culture of inclusiveness and excellence on and off the field of play.

Rugby Ontario was officially established on March 20, 1951, as the Ontario Rugger Union, although it was preceded by the British Rugby Union of Ontario i n1929, and various forms of rugby football dating back to the 1870s, primarily at the university level.

Rugby Ontario is represented at the provincial level by the Ontario Blues High Performance Program. The program includes representative teams from Under-15 to Senior in both Women’s and Men’s Fifteens. On the Sevens side of the sport, there are Under-18 programs for both Men’s and Women’s. Rugby Ontario is a proud member of Rugby Canada and is extremely proud to be part of the pathway to representing Canada on the international stage.

Rugby Ontario (RO) is a non-share capital corporation incorporated under the Corporations Act (Ontario). RO is a not-for-profit organization within the meaning of paragraph 149(1)(1) of the Income Tax Act (Canada). E. The Letters Patent of Amalgamation of RO dated January 1, 2019, state the objects of RO shall be as follows:

a) To establish, maintain and conduct an athletic club and to promote among the members of the Corporation and others an interest in athletic games, recreation and sports and in particular rugger;

b) To promote rugger and other games or sports and to arrange matches and competitions of every nature and to offer or grant and contribute towards prizes, awards and distinctions.

Under the Fletcher’s Fields Limited Agreement, a fund (the “Rugby Ontario FFL Fund”) was established.

The Fund is intended to provide funding from its endowment, and from capital disbursements, for purposes consistent with, and that continue the, objects of FFL. These include:

(a) To foster, encourage and promote any and all forms of rugby in Ontario and in Canada.

(b) To cultivate, advance and ensure safe, inclusive and diverse opportunities for all involved in the sport of rugby in Ontario and in Canada.

(c) To further develop the public’s awareness, appreciation and understanding of all forms of rugby and deliver life-long opportunities for participation in Ontario and Canada.

(d) To facilitate rugby initiatives or events, [including matches, competitions, programs, training & development opportunities and education/certification,] and offer grants, awards and distinctions that inspire participation and promote diverse forms of engagement in rugby for all.

(e) To lead the development and innovation of infrastructure, resources and capacity of Rugby Ontario and its membership to ensure sustainability and longevity of the game.