Captains’ Fund

In the late 1990s then Foundation executive director Aaron Abrams brought a proposal to the former Rugby Canada Captain, Mark Wyatt’s attention. With enthusiasm, the proposal went from proof to print. The Captains’ Fund was established in August 2011 by Fund founder and Director, Mark Wyatt, to raise funds, and make disbursements to other Foundation funds such as the U20 Fund, or to Rugby Canada for its age-grade national teams. Mark was one of the founding supporters of the Canadian Rugby Foundation and a  member of the Foundation’s Board of Directors through early 2021.

Designed to assist age-grade players in meeting the modern-day demands of rugby, the Foundation adopted the Captain’s Fund as a vehicle to support young players striving to obtain the requisite experience to play at the highest level.

At its core, has been the Fund’s extensive support of Rugby Canada’s U20 program. The Fund has been an active participant and supporter of a variety of players, and teams to ensure both are not prevented from participation based on funding alone.

Due to its broad appeal and intent, the Captain’s Fund is, and continues to be, widely supported by the greater rugby community. Additionally, due in part to its name, the Fund has most of the former Captains participating

The terms of the Fund’s Memorandum of Agreement state the Fund’s purpose as ” Through the granting of funds, support age-grade rugby in Canada to those players and programmes who without such support, would not participate in the growth of the game.”

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