Courtney Walls

Courtney Walls Academic & Rugby Bursary Fund

In 1997, we mourned the loss of a great friend to all of us, Courtney Walls. Courtney was also a great friend to Rugby and a dedicated supporter of the game.

Courtney’s Accomplishments:

1. Academically gifted and enthusiastic, Courtney made being smart and getting good grades “cool” in High School.

2. A talented Rugby player and fittingly, the Team Captain of one of the strongest Rugby teams that OKM has ever fielded. Courtney was the first one in to every ruck but could break free into the open field with deceptive ease. He also made every team he played for better with his leadership.

3. Courtney was also unique socially. Courtney was everyone’s best friend and he lived up to this high standard. Courtney had loyal friends from all walks of life. From High School friends to friends from his profession, Courtney had close friends from every niche and he was loyal to every one of them. He was famous for being champion of friends that did not fit the “popular” definition and he single-handedly brought people together that would otherwise have never met; the only thing all these people had in common was that they all were “Courtney’s friends”.

The goal of the Courtney Walls Academic and Rugby Bursary fund is to award an OKM (Okanagan Mission Secondary) student who embodies the qualities that Courtney Walls brought to OKM and the community at large.

1. Academic achievement (e.g. 3.0 GPA).

2. Graduating student that plays Rugby at OKM.

3. Well-liked by team-mates and class-mates alike.

Supporting excellence through serving and supporting his Rugby Mates and friends was something that was very important to Courtney, so there is no more fitting tribute than to join in his name in helping future generations of Rugby players achieve their potential.