Gifts of Cash, Cheque or Money Order

Donors may give any amount to the Canadian Rugby Foundation. Donations made of cash, cheque or money order provide the quickest benefit to the Foundation. These donations can be a one time amount, spread out over a few years, or an annual donation. The easiest way to make a continual gift is by signing up for our monthly automatic withdrawal plan. It costs nothing to use and is ideal for those who wish to make smaller, monthly, contributions of $5 per month or more. It is easy to set up and use, and requires nothing from the donor past the initial set-up forms. Tax receipts for this form of donation will be written at the end of the calendar year for the total amount donated. Donations can be made to any one of our many funds or to our unrestricted fund, our National Fund.

Donations of $25,000.00 or more entitle the donor to become a voting member of the Foundation. These donations can be pledged over three years and can be donated by groups however, only one person can vote for the group as a member of the Foundation.

Gifts may be donated from corporations, foundations, and private donors. The receipt will permit donors to obtain a tax credit to a limit of 75% of their net income. Donations that exceed the 75% threshold can be carried over and used anytime in the next five years. Donation receipts can also be saved for up to five years and can then be used all at once. Receipts will be issued for the face value of the donation. Corporate donors will obtain a tax deduction.