Automatic Withdrawal

Automatic Withdrawal

An easy and effective way to contribute to the fund of your choice through the Canadian Rugby Foundation is by signing up for our automatic withdrawal service (also known as PAP/D, or pre-authorized payment/donation). It allows you, the donor, to donate funds directly from your bank account on a monthly basis. Donors can make contributions from any financial institution across Canada from a savings, chequing or even a business account. The donation amount is withdrawn from the donor’s account on the 16th of every month (should the 16th fall on a weekend or business holiday, it will be removed the next business day).

Also,to receive the tips sheet; the tip sheet tells you exactly what sections on the forms you need to fill out.

Automatic withdrawal services can be used to make donations of any amount of $5 a month or greater. Once the forms are filled out and submitted to the Canadian Rugby Foundation, along with a void cheque, the donor never needs to do anything again. Tax receipts are issued at the end of each calendar year for the total of contributions made. If at any time the donor wishes to change the amount being donated, or even stop making donations through this method, he or she should please contact the Foundation directly. Written notice by mail or e-mail is required a minimum of two weeks before the withdrawal date.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any further questions.

CRF pre authorized debit form