What You Can Do

All gifts are eligible for a tax receipt (86915 9186 RR0001)

Your donations to the Canadian Rugby Foundation are endowed which means that your donations are held forever, sensibly invested, and portions of each year’s earnings are used to better rugby in Canada. Endowed funds allow your contribution to become a permanent part of rugby in Canada. They also provide domestic rugby with a stable, reliable source of funding. The principal is invested by proficient financial managers to obtain above average returns and sustain long term growth with minimum risk. Thanks to the Canadian Rugby Foundations investment policies and expert advisors, your gift continues to benefit rugby in Canada forever.

You can direct your donations to any of our many funds, create a new fund or, your contribution can be used where the Canadian Rugby Foundation deem most appropriate from year-to-year (unrestricted fund). Unrestricted and restricted endowed funds grow each year through careful investment. Unrestricted funds are very important in a world where change comes rapidly. New challenges and opportunities are constantly surfacing in our rugby nation. Unrestricted funds give the Canadian Rugby Foundation flexibility. Either way, you make a difference that lasts forever!

The Canadian Rugby Foundation’s policy is to pay out a minimum of 3.5% of endowed funds each year to rugby programs in Canada (or such amount, greater or lesser, as is prescribed by Revenue Canada). This policy ensures that we have a steady stream of money to help rugby domestically, while preserving and growing the endowment capital. The Foundation also acts to protect the payout from the effect of inflation. For instance, if the rate of inflation (as reflected in the Consumer Price Index) is 2%, the Foundation adds 2% from investment earnings to the capital of each fund as well as the National Fund.