Vision of Funds

Vision of Creating New Funds

The vision of the Foundation is evident in the Mission Statement, but it goes much deeper than just that. The Foundation has not only established an Unrestricted Fund which will assist, by providing grants, in the development of rugby across the country, but it has also developed this concept of creating funds which will aid rugby projects across Canada. With the formation of new funds, the Foundation will be able to assist the game and help rugby grow at the grass roots level in all major centres from Coast to Coast. These new funds will provide grants and will develop more players in each school, club, university and region. These players will be better, more-skilled athletes, who will strengthen the game at all levels domestically.

Being such a large country, Canada struggles to achieve unity as a rugby nation. There are pockets of interest across the country, but many have difficulties supporting themselves. With endowment funds set up to aid these programs, over the long term, many clubs, teams, universities and regions will continually benefit. It is important to have these types of funds so that there can be more focus at the grass-roots level, and greater opportunity to develop more players and better players. This support will allow for the local development which will, in the end, benefit rugby in Canada as a whole.

The new concept commits to expanding the game across the country, and to providing funds for even the smallest areas if contributors can be found. Those looking to invest in their local rugby programs will be able to watch their money more closely, and will have a better opportunity to communicate how they would like it spent.

These funds, such as those for clubs, schools, universities and scholarships, will see an additional 25% added to each fund. These funds will be administered by the Foundation in consultation with the donors of the Fund or their appointed representative (for example, club president). Matching funds will be available up to a maximum of $20,000 for each new fund.

All funds will be pooled into the same investment account, and appropriate returns will be assigned to each regional fund. If the club were to fold, the Club Fund would become a part of the general fund of the Canadian Rugby Foundation. This provision would apply to all sub funds for schools, universities and scholarships.