What Is an Endowment Fund?

An endowment fund is an investment fund established by the Foundation for which capital is invested in perpetuity to enable consistent withdrawals. Withdrawals from endowment funds are often used by universities, nonprofit organizations, churches, and hospitals and are typically funded by donations that are eligible for tax receipts for the donors and are used for specific purposes (in our case, for amateur rugby-related purposes).

Your donors’ endowment is truly a gift that will exist in perpetuity, ensuring the stability and quality of your club’s operations or student award for generations to come.

The Canadian Rugby Foundation deeply values your members’ investment and is committed to working with you to ensure that your endowed fund generates its intended philanthropic impact.

Growing your endowment fund increases your impact over time and is easily done by making annual investments (contributions) and designating them to the fund’s principal balance. See the chart below for specific examples.

Have you considered asking others outside your club membership to give to your endowment fund? We often receive gifts from club alumni, family members, friends, colleagues, or former classmates who wish to honor our donors, like you, by making a gift to the Canadian Rugby Foundation and designating it to a specific endowed fund.

In addition to annual fund-raising campaigns to generate contributions to your endowment fund, there are numerous occasions when a more ad hoc “ask” may be made. Examples of opportunities and occasions to ask for gifts to your endowed fund include:

  • Milestone Birthdays
  • Professional Awards and Accomplishments
  • Retirement
  • Holiday Gifts
  • Anniversaries
  • Family and Graduation
  • Reunions
  • Memoriams

More About Endowment Funds:

Types of Donations to the Canadian Rugby Foundation:

Donations can be made directly to the Foundation towards a specific Fund or generally to the Foundation, and through our online donation portal,

Donations can be large or small one-time donations or set up as a monthly subscription through or with a series of post-dated cheques.

There are many options for the form of the donations:

  • Cash donations
    • Cheque or  wire transfer (the most commonly used form of donation)
    • Credit, debit or gift card, or PayPal (through

  • Gifts of Non-cash assets
    • Marketable securities and mutual funds
      • Available through your broker and the Foundation’s Investment Manager, Leith Wheeler

CRF SECURITIES Donation Form 2022

CRF MUTUAL FUNDS Donation Form 2022

      • Available through, but with an associated fee charged to the Fund

  • Life insurance policies
  • Major Gifts
  • Planned giving – wills and trusts
  • Real estate which may be easily converted to cash.
  • Tangible assets such as art for which lengthy and more complicated processes for valuation and monetization, and recognition for tax purposes exist.

Donating to a specific Fund

Scroll down the menu of Fund names below to select the Fund to which you wish to donate (Note – do not just stop at the first Fund name on the list). You will then see options for the type of donation and a choice of a one-time donation or a monthly subscription.

Cheques can be made to the Canadian Rugby Foundation (with the Fund name in the memo line) and addressed to:

Canadian Rugby Foundation
709 Yates St.
PO Box 8003
Victoria, BC
V8W 3R7

Contact Jeff Chan, Executive Director at should you wish to make a donation by wire transfer.