The National Vision of the Canadian Rugby Foundation

The vision of the Foundation is evident in the Mission Statement, but it goes much deeper than just that. The Foundation has not only established an Unrestricted Fund which will assist, by providing grants, in the development of rugby across the country, but it has also developed the concept of creating funds across Canada to aid specific projects and areas such as clubs, schools, universities, regions and even scholarships. By doing this, rugby will grow at all levels and in the end these funds will aid in the growth of the game at the grass-roots level in all major centres from Coast to Coast. This idea would see things such as expanded mini-rugby programs and other major activities across the country to help develop the game at the grass-roots level and create more public awareness.

There may also be funds available for expanded provincial and national championships at junior levels to provide an outlet for existing junior programs. Whilst support organizations grow as the awareness of the sport of rugby in Canada grows, there are currently insufficient qualified coaches, referees, administrators and meaningful competitions within Canada dedicated to meeting the needs of the constituents of the sport of rugby in Canada. As well as helping nationally, these endowment funds will also provide grants and will develop more players in each region. Players will be better, more-skilled athletes, who will strengthen the game at all levels domestically. By having better rugby players at the regional levels, there will be a bigger and more talented pool of players for selectors to choose from at the National level. This pool will aid in Rugby Canada’s vision of putting all of our National Teams back into the top 10 in the world. The idea of the Foundation and, in particular, the Unrestricted Fund, is to plan for the future and provide a unified program to the sport. There are many rugby supporters who generously contribute to their clubs, schools, universities, regions and provincial unions. This support is fantastic but we also need to pool donations to enhance our financial capacity to advance Canada and the different regions.

To find out what funds and scholarships have already been created, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you have an idea for a new fund, please get in touch with us to discuss your idea; we would really like to hear from you.

Unrestricted Fund Purpose

The Foundation is designed to achieve a number of fundamental purposes through grants to qualified recipients. The number one expectation is to increase the number of players participating in rugby across Canada. The Foundation would also like to see a noticeable improvement in the quality of play and in the skill level of players, coaches and referees. And, finally, the Unrestricted Fund would help provide greater opportunities for players to be involved in quality competitions.

As mentioned above, players are not the only rugby participants who would be assisted by the National Fund. Below is a breakdown of who would benefit and just how it would happen.

  1. Clubs: will see an increase in the number of players of either gender available for playing rugby at all levels.
  2. Players: will see an improvement in their skill levels through better instruction, competition, coaching, refereeing and resource materials.
  3. Coaches: will see an improvement in their skill levels through better instruction, competition, refereeing, resource materials and greater demands by more skilled and knowledgeable players.
  4. Referees: will see an improvement in their skill levels through better instruction, competition and resource materials.
  5. Administrators: will see an improvement in their skill levels through more competitions and resource materials.
  6. The Community: will see an elevated awareness of the sport of rugby in Canada and the role which our national teams play on the world stage.

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