The Need for National Level Support

The Need for National Level Support

It is obvious that the vision of the Foundation is to support rugby at all levels across the country. Though funded through the Government and the International Rugby Board, Rugby Canada still fails to meet its funding requirements to properly support our National teams. Currently, the money for national programs at all levels is just not available. This is why the idea for National Team Funds developed; the objective of these funds is to help develop and expand the National Team programs and other major activities across the country.

In order to assist, the Foundation has set up endowment funds in the name of each National Program. With the help of these National Team Funds, Rugby Canada will receive financial support outside the normal operating budget to help rugby grow beyond its current level of participation. The two independent Boards of Rugby Canada and the Canadian Rugby Foundation will work in collaboration to ensure their mutual goals are met.

National Team Funds Working with Rugby Canada

The goals of supporting the strategies of Rugby Canada and, at the same time, enhancing the capital of the Foundation can be accomplished without conflict by agreeing on the financial goals of each organization. The structure and independence of both the Foundation and Rugby Canada can be respected and protected by agreement in advance as to a long-term game plan. The limitations of the charter of the Foundation and the mandatory appointment of directors from Rugby Canada are sufficient protection that the goals of Rugby Canada will be respected and considered. The appointment of directors to the remaining Board positions on the Foundation is an important process to the managing of funds given by donors. That is recognized in the constitution of the Foundation approved by Rugby Canada. An important feature of the Foundation to potential donors is the ability of the Foundation to protect capital and ensure that the interest is spent wisely.

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