Board Members

Board members as of October 7, 2021:

Pat Aldous (Vice-Chair)
Rick Bourne
Graham Brown
Hans de Goede
Sally Dennis (Secretary)
Neil Duke
Barry Giffen
Randy Heward
Mike Holmes (Chair)
Jim Kellett
John Lecky
Jerry Marriott
Colette McAuley
Nick Taylor
Bill Webb
John Woodward

We would also like to thank the board members that have served in the past and have made significant contributions to the Canadian rugby community through the Canadian Rugby Foundation:

Aaron Abrams (ON)
Morris Biddle (BC)
Tillman Briggs (deceased)
Dr. Noel Browne (NL)
Michael Bull (AB)
Vern Fauth (AB)
Patrick Graham (ON)
Bob Hager (deceased)
Ray Hoemsen  (MB)
Alan Horn (ON)
Jay Johnson (ON)
George Jones, Q.C. (BC)
Trevor Jones (ON)
Blake Lewis (BC)
Dave Lougheed (AB)
Bruce McFarlane (BC)
Dr. Patrick Parfrey (NL)
John Phelan (ON)
Roger Smith (AB)
Rod Snow (NL)
Mark Wyatt (BC)

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