Founding Father: George Jones Profile

George Jones Q.C. is well known in both athletic and legal circles. His resume is lengthy and legendary and includes appearances and successes at virtually every court level, fundraising, coaching, refereeing in many sports and at many levels. Blessed with fine oratorical skills, legal judgment, an innate sense of wrong and right together with a complete lack of financial sense and generosity to all regardless of circumstances dictates that George is still working hard after 50 years at the bar.Continue reading

The 2013 Scholarship Application Process Now Open

The Canadian Rugby Foundation is pleased to open the 2013 scholarship application process for a number of scholarships for the 2013-14 academic year.

The Thomas Family Scholarship was established in 2008 as a way of thanking the Thomas family for their extreme generosity to the Foundation and all of the various rugby projects they have supported over the years.  The Foundation presents the Thomas Family Scholarship annually to a Canadian student playing the great game of rugby.Continue reading

Newsletter May 2012

Operations & Activity Report

Dear Donors and Members,

I am writing on behalf of the board of directors of the Foundation to report on activities and operations over the first half of this year. I will break my report into several headings.Continue reading