Bridge The Gap Grants Getting Results – Toronto Dragons RFC

Thank you again for the Bridge the Gap Award.  Here is a quick recap of our 2015 program.

The Toronto Dragons established its youth program (ages 6-12) in 2014.  With funding from the Bridge the Gap fund, the Dragons were able to run two “TRY RUGBY” days.  The first session was held at an indoor field at the end of March.  This session was very well attended, and led into our first-ever spring session that we ran for 6 weeks in April and May at a local high school.  The second “TRY RUGBY” session was held at the end of May at our home pitch to launch our summer outdoor session.

As a result of events funded by the Bridge the Gap Award, we were able to triple the number of youth enrolled in our rugby programs.  Throughout the summer, we ran a Saturday morning house league for U8, U10, and U12 that consisted of a mix of skill development and game play.  Additionally, our teams entered 5 local festivals with many smiles all around.  The Toronto Dragons greatly thank the Canadian Rugby Foundation for their funding that helped us grow our youth programs.

Best regards,
Jeff Harris
Director of Junior & Minor Rugby, Toronto Dragons RFC

Antonio Corbin Wins First Howard and Marina Gerwing Scholarship

Antonio Corbin is a promising young player with the Cowichan Rugby club who came through the Ladysmith High School program. We congratulate him as the first recipient of the Howard and Marina Gerwing Scholarship.

[photo below show Antonio with Marina and Howard Gerwing]antonio_corbin

Howard and Marina Gerwing Fund

Howard and Marina Gerwing and a matching donor have pledged $10,000 over the next two years to create a fund for scholarships for Cowichan Valley rugby players. Cowichan Valley, outside of Victoria and Vancouver has probably produced as many National Team players at various age levels as anywhere in Canada

Howard Gerwing was the first coach of the University of Victoria Vikings and led them on three historic tours playing the national team of Yugoslavia in 1978 amongst other historic encounters.

Howard is also a bibliophile and built up the Special Collections section of the UVIC library to be a well known national scholastic resource. Long suffering Marina was in charge of domestic matters and the family residence on Palmer Road served for many years as the UVIC clubhouse and home for itinerant and wayward rugby players.

Howard with scant resources was the joint founder of the first UVIC scholarship fund “the Brian Williams” scholarship fund in memory of one of those wayward and talented players who sadly took his own life in 1987.

Dick Ellis Memorial Fund Provides Support to National Team Captains

The Dick Ellis Memorial Fund (DEMF) originated in 1978 as an ongoing memorial to Mr. Dick Ellis, a Rugby Canada President, who had passed away in office. Donations were provided at the time of Mr. Ellis’s death, and since its inception the trustees of this fund have been distributing financial awards ranging in degree for worthwhile educational Rugby projects across Canada.Continue reading

Bridge the Gap 2014 Grants Announced

June 11th, 2014

The Canadian Rugby Foundation announced the successful applicants for the 2014 Bridge the Gap youth rugby grants. The Foundation awards grants to clubs that implement local or regional projects and or events that diminish barriers and make rugby more accessible to youth. The deadline for 2014 applications was April 30th, the application process is explained on the CRF website at: reading

Bridge the Gap 2014 Profiles: Bytown Blues RFC

The Bytown Blues from Ottawa have several projects planned for 2014 including a U12-U14 contact and mini flag festival in June, an expansion of the co-ed U12 program during the winter months and a mini program during the winter months.

A big part of the cost for winter programs is facility rental and some of the funds will be used to offset the costs of field rental under the Dome to make the program affordable for low-income families.

We wish the Bytown Blues success in their efforts to provide youth rugby programs all year round.

Bridge the Gap 2014 Profiles: Cowichan Valley Junior Rugby Development

The Cowichan Valley Junior Rugby Development program runs a successful “introduction to Mini Rugby” camp during May and June at the Cowichan Rugby club. They want to expand that program and run camps In Mill Bay this year with plans to expand to Ladysmith and Chemainus in future years.

The funds will be used to purchase material for the new camp including rugby balls, tackling bags, rucking pads and pinnies.

We wish Cowichan Valley Junior Rugby Development all the best with their new mini-rugby camp.

Bridge the Gap 2014 Profiles: St. Albert Rugby Club

June 11th, 2014

The St Albert Rugby Club is organizing their first annual Junior Rugby camp this year. It’s targeting an age group from U7 to U19 and hopes to attract 40-50 participants. They wanted to keep the cost low to compete with baseball and soccer camps being held at the same time.

The camp goals are to provide an opportunity for youth to experience rugby for the first time, increase the profile of club rugby amongst school level players, increase the interaction between older junior level players and their senior club team peers. Funds will be used to get Rugby Canada and Rugby Alberta sanctioning so that non-registered players can participate, help provide T-shirts and mouth guards to participants, and provide lunch for camp participants.

We wish the St Albert Rugby Club all the best with the first Junior Rugby camp.

Bridge the Gap 2014 Profiles: Ottawa Indians RFC

June 11th, 2014

The Ottawa Indians started their youth rugby program in 2008 with 7 youth and now have one of the largest programs in Eastern Ontario with between 100-120 youth in their U6-U14 programs. They have a large number of volunteers including 15 coaches.

They are organizing a youth tournament in June with the help of the Ottawa Irish Club. The event will be held at Twin Elm Park and attract between 300 to 400 participants. The funds will be used to pay for tournament costs including referees, food for players and medals.

We wish the Ottawa Indians success with their tournament.