Bridge the Gap International Tour Grant

Bridge the Gap International Tour Grant

updated Nov 1 2016
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The Canadian Rugby Foundation is introducing a new program to promote the transition of high school players to club and university rugby programs through International rugby tours.

Our desire is to ensure that the unique and transformative experience of international touring is made available to more players of this critical age group without regard for financial circumstances. We believe that this will address one of the pressing issues in Canadian Rugby, namely the lack of transition between high school and senior rugby for all but the small minority of players. Many players can attest to the life-changing experience of an international rugby tour against quality opposition.

Accordingly we have instituted a grant program whereby touring teams that are sanctioned by the appropriate governing bodies and Rugby Canada will be considered for a grant in the maximum amount of either one-half the tour cost or $30,000 whichever is the lesser.

Applicants must demonstrate the tour is open to all players regardless of financial circumstances, and is regionally oriented ‎ whether by City, Province or Region and in addition that the proposed tour is well backed financially.

Grants will be considered for any regional teams, regional meaning at least provincial, and that past grants to regions may be considered in deciding which region(s) to support in the current year. However the final decision will rest with the committee and preference may be given to proposals that demonstrate a high need and those that emphasize the development of players as potential future leaders of rugby not only as potential elite players but also through refereeing, administration or coaching.

More than one grant may be considered in one year and applicants should feel free to apply at any time. Consideration will also be given to those organizations that show a commitment to the endeavours of the Canadian Rugby Foundation.

The final decision will be made by the Canadian Rugby Foundation committee which will include regional representatives from time to time.


Kind regards,

Hans DeGoede and Mike Holmes Committee Chairs.